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Welcome to Brett Ondich

Welcome to Brett Ondich, a first year Masters student at Pitt. Brett is a Lieutenant at the US Air Force who joined the Hutchison group in 2021.

Congrats to Dr. Nate Miller

Congratulations to Dr. Nate Miller for a successful online Ph.D. defense! (Nate was the first online-only defense in Pitt history.)

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Welcome to Brianna Greenstein

Welcome to Brianna Greenstein, a second year graduate student joining the Hutchison group after gaining experimental experience at the Millstone lab at Pitt.

Welcome to Omri Abarbanel

Welcome to Omri Abarbanel, a third year graduate student joining the Hutchison group after gaining experimental experience at the Hernandez-Sanchez lab at Pi...

Welcome to Caroline Chun

Welcome to Caroline Chun, a first year grad student joining the group. She’ll start with experiments, but hopes to combine both in her projects.

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Congrats to Dr. Ilana Kanal

Congratulations to Dr. Ilana Kanal for a successful Ph.D. defense on “Rapid Computational Discovery of Pi-Conjugated Materials.”

Congrats to Dr. Chris Marvin

Congratulations to Dr. Christopher Marvin for a successful Ph.D. defense on “Computational and Experimental Insight into Single-Molecule Piezoelectric Materi...

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Chris wins a 2013 Safford Award

Congratulations to Chris for winning a Safford Award for excellence in teaching. He has demonstrated outstanding teaching capability and a willingnes...

Paula wins a 2013 Safford Award

Congratulations to Paula for winning a Safford Award for excellence in teaching. She has demonstrated outstanding teaching capability and a willingne...

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MRS Materials 360: News Feature

This month, Materials 360 featured a discussion on our recent publication in J. Phys. Chem. Lett. on the computational design of organic solar cells.

Xinfeng runs the Pittsburgh Marathon

Congratulations to graduate student, Xinfeng Quan, who ran the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 12, 2013. He completed the race in 3 hours and 34 minutes, for an a...

Dr. Andrey Sharapov Defends

Many congratulations to Dr. Andrey Sharapov! Andrey defended his dissertation “Fast Treatment Of Pi-Stacking Using Density Functional Theory” in physics on A...

Ten Hundred Words

For Ten Hundred Words of Science: Explaining Complex Science in Plain English.

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PPG Poster Session

Today, PPG held a session titled “Young Innovator’s Showcase” where Steve, Xinfeng, and Paula presented postsers on their recent work.

Adam wins Kaufman Fellowship

Congratulations to Adam for winning a Kaufman Predoctoral Fellowship for this school year for excellence in physical chemistry.

Ilana wins a 2012 Safford Award

Congratulations to Ilana for winning a Safford Award for excellence in teaching. As the fourth member of the group to be recognized, she has demonstrated out...

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Valerie Lentz and Terry Paske Join

This fall, undergraduate students Valerie Lentz and Terry Paske have joined the group. Terry will work on the single-molecule piezoelectric project focusing ...

Steve Owens wins 2011 Safford Award

Congratulations to Steve Owens, for winning one of the 2011 Safford Awards for Excellence as a Graduate Student Teacher! Steve is now the third member of the...

Prof. Hutchison on the Radio

Yesterday, Prof. Hutchison was a guest on The American Entrepeneur radio show, hosted by Ron Morris. He was discussing the group’s recent research on finding...

Demos at the Carnegie Museum

The Hutchison group gave demos of solar cells and piezoelectric electric generation during the Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s “Polar Weekend,” focusing...

CRDF Seed Fund Awarded

The Hutchison Research Group has been awarded a Central Research Development Fund (CRDF) Seed Grant.

Dr. Tamika Madison Defends

Congrats to Dr. Tamika Madison, the group’s first Ph.D. recipient! Tamika defended her dissertation “Electron and Molecular Dynamics: Penning Ionization and ...

Paula wins Mary E Warga Fellowship

Congratulations to Paula Hoffmann for being offered the Mary E. Warga Predoctoral Fellowship. This award is given to incoming female graduate students who sh...

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Science 2010

Science 2010 was the tenth annual celebration of science and technology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Gordon Conference Posters

This past week, the group presented two postsers at the Gordon Research Conference. The topic was Electron Donor Acceptor Interactions.

Bryan Siegfried Joins

Undergraduate Bryan Siegfried has joined the group to work on phthalocyanine synthesis and characterization for the designer defects project.

Arthur, Alexandra, and Casey Graduate

Congratulations to Casey Campbell, Arthur Davis, and Alexandra McSorley, on their undergraduate graduation from Pitt today. Casey will be attending chemistry...

Alexandra McSorley Wins Undergrad Award

Alexandra McSorley ’10, received a Mary Louise Theodore award from the University of Pittsburgh chemistry department. The award is given in memory of Mary Th...

Undergrad Evan Richards Joins

Evan Richards ’11, will be joining the group to do synthetic research on soluble metal phthalocyanines for field effect transistors. He will be working with ...

ACS Meeting

Dr. Hutchison and Tamika Madison just returned from attending the spring American Chemical Society Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

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Science 2009

At Science 2009 (Unplugged), Dr. Hutchison was asked to give a talk about the rational design of electronic materials from the ground up. During the talk, he...

Tamika Madison Joins Group

Graduate student Tamika Madison will be joining the group this summer, to focus on computational simulation of “designer defect” field-effect transistors. Sh...

APS Meeting

Dr. Hutchison just attended the Spring American Physical Society Meeting, during which, he was the chair of a focus session on nanomaterials for energy appli...

Xinfeng Quan Joins Group

First-year graduate student Xinfeng Quan will be joining the group. He plans to study single-molecule piezoelectric materials and will be combining computati...

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ACS PRF Grant Awarded

The American Chemical Society has awarded the Hutchison research group a grant through the Petroleum Research Fund.

Undergrad Alexandra McSorley Joins

Pitt undergrad Alexandra McSorley ’10 joins us for research starting in the Spring 2009 semester. Alexandra is interested in quantum chemistry and theoretica...

Lecture at CalU

Today, Prof. Hutchison was invited to give a chemistry seminar at California University of Pennsylvania on “Conjugated Electronic Materials: From Organic Pol...

Lecture at Pitt ECE

Today, Prof. Hutchison was invited to give a seminar in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Pitt, entitled “Conjugated Molecular Mater...

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Lecture at IUP

Today, Prof. Hutchison was invited to give a chemistry seminar at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on “Conjugated Electronic Materials: From Organic Polyme...

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