Ilana Y. Kanal Geoffrey R. Hutchison. “Rapid Computational Optimization of Molecular Properties using Genetic Algorithms - Searching Across Millions of Compounds for Organic Photovoltaic Materials” arXiv [Online](

toc image Conjugated organic molecules represent an important area of materials chemistry for both fundamental scientific exploration and technological applications. Using a genetic algorithm to computationally screen up to ~25-50 million molecules for organic photovoltaic properties, we find that our methods find top monomers 6,000-8,000 times faster than brute force search. By testing multiple runs and establishing convergence criteria, we show the computational scaling with search space size, common molecular motifs, and discuss the reliability to choose the same molecules independent of initial data set size. We outline remaining areas of difficulty in growing to larger search spaces, potential solutions, and filtering criteria for potential organic photovoltaic materials. Efficient genetic algorithm searches promise to address a wide range of property-driven inverse design problems in chemistry.